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Select Seed of Arizona does not sell any industrial hemp seed.
Certain products are limited to specific regions in the USA. If you are inquiring about specific seed varieties, please provide as much demographic information as you can so that we can better serve you. Thank you!

Select Seed of Arizona, Inc. is a family owned and operated company, built on the principles of servicing a growing area that is within a days drive of home.  Our founder always made time to spend with family. The second generation is now taking the company into new territories, still holding fast to the same commitment to service and quality. Our core responsibility is to make our customers successful. Running the business based on the “Golden Rule”, we strive to meet our customer’s expectations ahead of their needs.

Research and development is a basic concept to our business. Our capacity to assist our customers determine their varietal needs and develop a custom planting schedule is our most prominent characteristic. Working with plant breeders from around the world, we can bring interesting, high yielding, and custom approaches to your growing operation that our competitors cannot match.